Asking the right questions is important when making an investment in a PEMF machine. Here are some questions to consider when choosing your machine.

1. Does the company offer safety testing?

It’s important to make sure that any PEMF machine is safety tested to ensure that it works correctly. Many people get liability insurance/coverage for their machine. If for some reason something does go wrong, insurance won’t cover the costs if the company you bought the machine from does not have a safety certificate.

2. Does the company offer certification/training?

Part of having a PEMF machine is knowing how to use the device properly. Some companies send you the machine with little to no instructions on how to use the device. MagnaWave offers an in-depth training program on how to use PEMF for people, horses, small animals, and livestock. Every purchase of a MagnaWave machine comes with a certification.

3. Is the machine I’m buying new?​

Alane has spoken to several people over the last two months that have purchased from other PEMF companies and they’ve come to find out that the machine that they bought was years old. Even though their machines come with a 10-year warranty, that machine had already been out for about two years and they never even thought to ask if it was new, they just assumed it was. Ask if the machine is new, if the attachments are new or if they’re used because that matters.

4. How long has the PEMF company been in business?

There’s a lot of fly-by-night companies that have their machines made out of the country or have changed their business name. Always ask the company how long they have had the same name and how long have they been in business. The majority of PEMF companies that we are currently in competition with right now have changed their name at least three or four times over the past several years so if there’s a reason for that ask about it. You want to know who you’re dealing with because if something does happen with your machine, you’ll want to be sure that the company will fix the issue. MagnaWave has been in business since 2002 and have kept the same name.

5. Does the company offer trade-ins or discounts for a second machine purchased?

If you are using PEMF in your business, there’s a very real chance you’ll want to expand as your business grows. You’ll need to ask the company if they offer any trade-in deals or discounts to purchasing a second machine.

6. Does the company offer rentals?

There are several components to inquire about when asking about rentals. Would you get an old or new machine, if you decided to buy would you get to keep that machine, does any of the rental price goes toward the purchase price if you decided to buy? You also need to ask whether there is a time limit to using the machine. Some companies rent out PEMF machines but will only allow you to use it for a certain amount of hours. Anything you use over that, will be billed. MagnaWave offers a one-month and three-month rental program, depending on the size of the machine. You get a new machine and can use it however long you like during the rental period. Anything you pay for the rental goes toward the purchase price if you decide to buy.

We believe in our product and the technology behind it. If you decide not to purchase after your rental period, MagnaWave offers a 50% refund on the machine rental fee* (does NOT include shipping fees). We hope you will love our machines as much as we do and decide to keep it for years to come! In case it’s not for you, this program is available to get your money’s worth out of our Try Before You Buy Program!

*Terms & Conditions Apply

7. Does the company offer an affiliate or referral program?

Some of the people you help will want to buy their own machine, registering them with the company can provide an additional income. Ask the PEMF company if they offer an affiliate program and determine if that is important to you.

8. What happens if my machine needs repair?

Most companies offer a warranty on the machine, but it’s important to know how much you will have to pay, if the machine is shipped outside the country, etc. Asking about repair procedures before buying can give you peace of mind in your decision. All MagnaWave PEMF products are warranted to operate properly for a period of three years with an extended seven-year warranty.

9. What are the gauss readings?

Technology has come a long way, and companies can more accurately calculate the gauss level of PEMF machines. Some companies use an old formula that makes the gauss level inaccurate. It’s important to understand how the company determines gauss level. If you’re curious about gauss levels in MagnaWave machines, our product specialists would be happy to talk with you.