MagnaWaving your Pet’s for Health and Wellness

MagnaWave is great for your pets to help with health and wellness! Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) can help to improve mobility, relieve pain, and maintain wellness. Dogs and cats tend to gravitate towards the magnetic fields used by MagnaWave because of the comfort is provides. MagnaWaving your pets regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle can optimize the level of health in your animal and help them stay relaxed! 

How does MagnaWave Help Pets?

For animals, good health is a product of good care, diet, and exercise. Adding PEMF to your pets health routine can help them feel energized and happy. MagnaWave aids in the body’s natural process of staying healthy. PEMF can be used to aid in overall wellness or help targeted areas with inflammation and pain relief. Aimee Thomas, Certified Practitioner at Leashes to Leads, works with all types of pets and said,“I almost always do full body sessions. If they have a specific injury, I will do focused work on that area as well. I like combining MagnaWave with my LZR Ultrabright. I give most of the older dogs, a full 30-minute full body session, and I finish it up with the LZR Ultrabright on their back hips. Doing that weekly keeps them going.”

How to Introduce MagnaWave to Pets

Many pet owners are timid to introduce a new wellness device for their pets, but MagnaWave is easy to use and your pets will love it! When working with animals, make sure they are in a familiar environment so they are comfortable. Let your animals explore the machine and attachments while everything is off so they can feel at ease when the session starts. Then you can start the machine at a low setting and work your way up to find a strength that’s comfortable for each pet. Aimee Thomas said, “While I’ve had a couple of pets act nervous about the machine and/or attachments, most pets very quickly display relaxation. Lots of yawning and stretching. Most dogs fall asleep.” 

Dr. Marty Goldstein, Leading Integrative Veterinarian

PEMF can help pets of all kind feel better with MagnaWave! 

“Our guinea pigs are so much happier these days! Having their weekly MagnaWave session… they are much more relaxed and willing to sit with us since these sessions. Maui doesn’t bite us anymore! Not to mention how much it has helped Cale, our dog, who suffers from arthritis.”

Christine L

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