Happy August, Practitioners! Summer has flown by, and it’s time to go back to school with MagnaWave! This month’s updates include the Back to School Business Bundle, MagnaWave President Alane Paulley’s Business Builder Class, Continuing Education updates, and much more. Read on to find out how you can further your education and grow your business!

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Have you been in business as a MagnaWave Certified Practitioner at least one year or moreDo you need help with next steps, such as setting goals, hiring employees, opening new locations, and expanding your business? MagnaWave President Alane Paulley’s Business Builder class is here for you! This 6-week intensive development course starts on September 15th, and there are only 10 spots available. This course is only offered once a year, so do not wait and miss your chance!

We recommend you have been in business with your MagnaWave machine for at least 1 year, as this course solely focuses on business expansion and development. If you are not at this point with your business, but still want start-up guidance, we recommend to sign up for the Business Starter class instead, which you can find more information on under the “Business Resources” in the Practitioner Portal. For more information and to sign up for the Business Builder class, email [email protected]

9/12 – 9/13 – Intro Call – Brief 1-on-1 with Alane to discuss current strengths and struggles
9/15 – Class 1: Focus and Future – Stop feeling overwhelmed! Outlining your business so you can hire & optimize to reach your goals
9/22 – Class 2: Manifesting and Tracking – The road to success is paved with many ups and downs. The key to being successful in the tough times is being able to keep going when you feel like you can’t.
9/29 – Class 3: Marketing and Growth – Do more, work less. Automation to grow your business even while you sleep.
10/6 – Class 4: Financials and Functions – Make todays money work for you tomorrow
10/13 – Class 5: Structure and Security – Making informed plans and decisions are vital pieces of growing your business and maintaining your mental health.
10/20 – Class 6: Accountability and Presentations – Pledging and presenting your goals to hold yourself accountable.