Written by Jim Sappington, Certified MagnaWave Practitioner

Over the years I have been involved with bucking stock, roping, and cutting horses. I’ve also worked with a large number of barrel horses. Without exception, animals learn to relax and enjoy the soothing pulsations and obvious relief of pain produced by MagnaWave. Some take longer than others to get comfortable, but I have not had any animal totally refuse a MagnaWave session

The bucking horses and bulls are some of the most exceptional athletes on this universe. Post competition MagnaWave sessions help them recover and revitalize much quicker. We must also never forget the tremendous strain that hours of transport all across North America has on these animals.

If I could get my way, I would be at each event as the bucking stock and timed event horses come in the day before rodeo starts, and work on each one before the first round of competition. All animals in all disciplines can benefit from MagnaWave after a long haul and hours in the trailer

I try to focus on areas of concern but firmly believe that a full body session with the large wave wings will take care of the majority of issues. I have had a good measure of success with getting abscesses to pull much faster than when untreated and also have helped other horses get relief from strained muscles and other soreness issues. I use the zoom paddle and butterfly wings when I am confident where the problem is, and I also use the LZR UltraBright as a precursor to MagnaWave.

I am very hesitant to use MagnaWave the day of competition, especially if it is a new client. I recommend at least 24 hours before competition. I am okay with a short session the day of competition if the horse has been MagnaWaved several times before and the owner has knowledge of PEMF. I MagnaWave all week long up to 24 hours before competition and do a lot of post competition sessions to help animals recover and refresh for an event the next day.

One of my biggest success stories is a world class saddle bronc that just all of a sudden refused to load into the bucking chute and basically quit bucking. I MagnaWaved this horse several times over a period of 6 months and had a chiropractic adjustment. She is now back on the professional rodeo circuit and the stock contractors call me the “Voodoo man”!! 

I also had a world class barrel horse that quit turning at barrel. An Xray revealed Kissing Spine. The vet said the case was so bad that surgery was not an option. I took this horse for 2 months and MagnaWaved basically every day. After 60 days, the vet did another Xray and could not believe the difference. He told the owner to go back to riding and at this point the horse is back on the barrel pattern and looks great!

I approach every animal with a keen desire to help them reach their peak performance condition. I am diligent in educating the owner about MagnaWave and what to expect. I try to get every owner to spend a few minutes on the machine to get a better understanding of what I am doing.

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