How might that happen? A study showed that PEMF stimulated cultured fibroblasts to make more collagen! This will help strengthen flexibility in tendons and ligaments. My chelation mentor Garry Gordon, has told me of his incredible fixes of lame horses. The horses are so happy with the treatments, that when they see the therapist and machine approaching the fence, the animals come over on their own to get treated! That’s not placebo!If you suffer from diabetic neuropathy,

If you suffer from diabetic neuropathy, I have good news. PEMF reduces pain and assists nerve repair in just a few weeks! So how does it work? Let’s start with the cell. New research has found that the “action” of a cell really occurs at the membrane, which has switches connecting directly to the nucleus (like your keyboard controls what your computer hard drive is doing). As your cell gets sicker, the voltage in the interior of the cell rises. In all sick cells, the membrane electric potential is significantly less negative than normal. This signifies greatly reduced metabolism and energy production since it takes a lot of the cell’s energy to maintain that charge. Cells degenerating toward cancer have a considerable rise in their voltage. PEMF improves the flux of electrons across and through your cell membrane, improving the critical negative charge. Cell health is directly related to this negative membrane electric potential. That’s why we see great literature confirming PEMF use in reducing pain and inflammation, increasing range of motion, less muscle loss after surgery, more tensile strength in ligaments, faster healing of skin wounds, enhanced capillary formation, accelerated nerve regeneration and bone healing, less tissue death, etc. The improved membrane charge enhances DNA function!

Putting it simply, PEMF is a “massage for your cell membranes.” Preserving and restoring the membrane with this energy can make way for a damaged cell to divert its precious energy resources to heal rather than to simply stay alive. Additionally, it induces the growth of new blood vessels by stimulating your vascular endothelial cells (vessel inner lining) to release growth factors. This may be one of its mechanisms in its fostering repair of complex fractures (and in healing other tissues).” “PEMF also improved the neurological status of patients with ms. Specifically, bladder control, cognitive function, fatigue level, mobility, spasticity, and vision.” A recent study found that PEMF induces remyelination of nerve fibers in experimental rats by recruiting stem cell friends in the brain to do the repair! This bodes well for neurological problems. And another one showed that PEMF can accelerate cell differentiation and repair. Differentiation is important in getting primitive cells held in reserve to mature to do specific duties (like myelin repair or collagen synthesis). It’s also important regarding cancer, where cells degenerate to a more primitive state.

– Dr. Robert Jay Rowan” printed January 2013 “second opinion newsletter” vol xxiii, no. 1