Written by Kari Leitze & Abby Hamm Certified MagnaWave Practitioners of HARKLAN Wellness Therapy

Livestock owners put a good deal of stress on their animals in order to help them meet show guidelines. It’s not out of the ordinary for them to get sore, tired, or even injured. MagnaWave can reduce these symptoms by taking away any inflammation or pain and help them feel their best. They may be stiff in one area, sore in another, or have tweaked a muscle somewhere else. These are all key factors that could change the outcome of how they perform.

Livestock judges pay close attention to how an animal moves in the ring while showing. Many times judges have commented on the “fresh” look of animals that use PEMF. These animals are relaxed, and moving pain free throughout the show ring, even after long distances in the trailer. PEMF helps tremendously with free-flowing muscle movement.

Show cow using the Wave Wings.

How do Animals React After a Session?

Horses will yawn, chew, and even drool. Cattle tend to be a little difficult to pinpoint. Sometimes they drop their heads or chew. We’ve seen cattle react after their session. They leave the chute and run, kick or buck! They take full advantage of feeling well afterwards. 

Using MagnaWave for Improved Wellness

Illinois state show

A MagnaWave session can be customized to fit the animal’s specific needs. With show livestock or breeding livestock, it is crucial to keep all muscle groups in peak physical condition. That can only be accomplished by using MagnaWave on the entire body. In the case of an acute injury, addressing that specific area comes first, but it’s followed by a full body session. This approach ties the fluidity of the muscles together for an overall wellness approach.  

The best thing about MagnaWave is how individual you can make it. When dealing with a horse or any sort of livestock with no serious injuries or issues, a full body session is a great way to improve overall wellness. If an issue arises or if the owner wants a specific area addressed that’s when spot sessions can be utilized. 

Helping Animals Before and After a Show

Show pigs can become extremely stressed with heat or being on a trailer. They often need a MagnaWave session directly off the trailer and then the morning of the show and after or between classes if they’re going back in for the champion drive. Show days are long days for pigs, and PEMF can help them feel relaxed and energized.  Show cattle can be MagnaWaved three times a week a month before. During the week of the show, PEMF can be beneficial once or twice a week, then the day of the show. This multi-level approach allows the animals to become comfortable with the sessions. It also helps to see any changes in movement beforehand, that way, any issues that occur can be MagnaWaved before they head into the ring. The best thing to do is evaluate each individual animal and decide what works for them. 

Show pig using Large Loop

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