Fall is officially around the corner and for show cattle enthusiasts, fall sale season is in full swing. The amount of energy that junior national and Midwest state fair season require can leave most breeders or traders with a very short amount of time to educate their prospects on the philosophy of being a show cow. Our team of certified MagnaWave livestock practitioners is growing by the day and our certification training fully prepares our practitioners to be a pivotal tool for any cattle operation. 

Naturally, anyone familiar with the industry can list all of the various pharmaceuticals, supplements, or secret concoctions that are prevalent in the industry to reduce stress, yet MagnaWave is still a foreign concept to most. Rather than resorting to the medicine cabinet, ask yourself if the behavioral problem you are facing correlates to an underlying issue that the naked eye may not see. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology can identify areas of inflammation within the body to help with overall health and wellness. MagnaWave is a drug-free alternative to reduce pain and inflammation in your livestock to help them feel their best. 

Factors that cause behavioral issues

  • Change of environment
  • Inherited muscle pattern & psychodynamic
  • Excessive lactic acid concentration
  • Gastrointestinal inflammation or blockage
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Pinched nerves
  • Mycoplasma development in structural joints.

No matter what the issue may be, MagnaWave uses the latest PEMF technology to be one of the most bio-efficient forms of non-invasive, drug free therapy that optimizes overall performance in livestock. 

How PEMF helps common issues: 

  • Optimizes blood flow throughout the body.
  • Non-invasive modality to address tension and soreness.
  • Reduces inflammation and detoxification at the cellular level 
  • Benefits major or minor musculoskeletal areas. 
  • Accelerates recovery period 
  • Offers overall wellness

 The most common response from livestock producers when they first experience PEMF is, “they just felt and acted better afterwards.” It is no secret that comfort is one of the key assets that separate quality of livestock. It is an art to try and modify the prospective steers and heifers with good structure and sound minds. With the industry progressively building better cattle by the year and producers continuously expanding their resources, the ceiling of competition has reached new heights along with the demand to optimize the performance of cattle across the country. Not only is MagnaWave a barn necessity for keeping livestock functioning at their peak performance, but most importantly MagnaWave addresses issues that a syringe & needle cannot reach.

If you have any questions about incorporating MagnaWave in your livestock operation, contact us today!