Using MagnaWave for Show Pigs

MagnaWave machines send Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) into the body in order to stimulate cellular action, which can benefit your pigs in a variety of ways. You can use MagnaWave on the body of the swine to gently penetrate through the muscles and joints, working at the cellular level to improve health and wellness. PEMF can improve blood flow and increase oxygenation of the cells. This process helps support the body to improve mobility, reduce swelling and inflammation, as well as enhancing mood and well-being.

“I MagnaWaved a grand champion pig for swollen lymph nodes just before fair. They went down considerable and the pig went on to win.”

Donna T

What Causes Stress in Swine?

Keeping your show pigs sound and healthy is a top priority before and during shows and events. Stress affects swine just like humans and other animals. The stress of travel, new environment, and diet changes can negatively impact the health and well-being of your animal. These negative side effects can degrade pig performance, lessen immunity, and alter their behavior. Using MagnaWave before an event can improve your show pigs mood and soundness to help them during competition.

How MagnaWave Can Help

PEMF can reduce pain and inflammation in the body which can provide relief and comfort for your show pigs. MagnaWave utilizes PEMF to massage the body on a cellular level, which increases circulation, blood oxygenation, and promotes overall health. These factors can create a calming effect to improve the mood and soundness of show pigs. Use MagnaWave for swine to help them feel their best!

Certified MagnaWave Practitioner David Hedges works heavily with swine. Last year alone he MagnaWaved 996 show pigs. “A lot of times you see on these old market hogs we’re pushing them. What they should be doing in a year and a half we’re doing in six months with them. So they grow really fast and they get tight… They get one back leg that wants to drag, be a half step compared to the other one. We MagnaWave the whole body and get that blood flowing and loosen them up and when we finish, you’ll notice a little bit of difference, but in 24 hours a lot of difference and in 48 hours they’ll have a full stride.” -David H

MagnaWave Benefits for Show Pigs

∙Relaxes Stiff Shoulders & Hips

∙Improves Mobility

∙Reduces Swelling & Inflammation

∙Injury Prevention

∙Relieves Aches & Pains

∙And Much More!

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