By Lydia Jones, Certified Practitioner

 Residing in the state of Wisconsin, LB Equestrian Services is home of therapy goats and miniature horses. They work many hours a week volunteering at day cares, senior centers, hospitals, nursing homes and visiting people in need. They use MagnaWave PEMF machines on a regular basis to keep all their animals in top shape! 

Sheep and goats seem to be more sensitive to slight changes in their environments than other animals. Sometimes traveling, weather changes, and overall stress can alter their muscle expression, digestion, and overall soundness for show or pet animals.

 MagnaWave is used to address and help all sorts of mammals including horses, dogs, sheep, cats, pigs, cows, bulls, and of course goats! MagnaWave uses the latest technology of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) which is said to provide comfort, relaxation, pain relief, reduce inflammation, and promote cellular exercise, which can improve the mood and soundness in all animals. 

 Maintaining the health, well-being, and soundness of your sheep and goats is critical. Using MagnaWave for your sheep and goats is a safe and effective, drug free alternative to keep your animals feeling good and looking good. Whether you are showing your animals or just maintaining their health, MagnaWave can provide both physical and emotional health benefits.

 Sheep and goats can be prone to different injuries and illnesses. PEMF can aid in these issues by enhancing the blood circulation and oxygenation for the area of concern. While following all biohazard sanitary measures, regularly addressing your sheep, goats, or cattle with MagnaWave, will keep their health in peak condition!

Good communication between you, and your vet is necessary to help keep your animals in great health. Always consult your veterinarian first if your goat or animal is sick or injured.

 About LB Equestrian:

Lydia resides in Wisconsin, and founded LB Equestrian Services, which is the home of the famous therapy goats and miniature horses. They volunteer at day cares, senior centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and visiting people in need. Lydia gives all the credit to these special critters and it’s incredible to see these animals in action as you can visually see they are drawn to people in need! Lydia works with her goats and miniature horses every day to ensure their health and happiness.

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