Explore the professional attire available with the latest MagnaWave look!

Other Magnawave Gear

Camelbak Water Bottle

$20 – Blue 600mL Camelbak water bottle with the MagnaWave Logo. BPA Free.

Pillars of Success

$30 – Our founder, Pat Ziemer, along with his good friend and best selling author, Jack Canfield, have created a book that helps you accomplish your goals.

MagnaWave Chapstick

Premium Organic Peppermint Chapstick with the MagnaWave Logo.

$15 – 5 pack

$25 – 10 Pack

MagnaWave Certificate of Completion

$15 – Certificate of Completion for MagnaWave’s Training Program.

MagnaWave ID Badge

$30 – Certified ID Badge with clip. Personalized with your photo for a professional look. Includes MagnaWave Certificate of Completion.

MagnaWave Gaiter – Blue/White

$15 – Gaiter with White MagnaWave Logo.

2-Pack for $25

MagnaWave Reusable Face Mask (3 Pack)

$15 – Reusable Navy Face Mask With Included Filter And MagnaWave Logo. Hand wash ONLY.

Comes with  3 (three) masks.

Certified Seal Patch

$20 – Embroidered 4 inch round Iron/Sew on Certified Seal Rodeo Patch

Logo Patch

$20 – Embroidered 2.5″ x 5″ rectangle MagnaWave Logo Iron/Sew On Rodeo Patch

Hand Sanitizer

6-pack of 2oz bottles. Ships UPS ground – shipping additional. $15. 62% Ethyl Alcohol (higher than the 60% CDC recc. for proper sanitation) Citrus scent.

Pop Socket

White Pop Sockets brand cell phone accessory with blue MagnaWave icon. FREE Shipping – USPS.