I am happy to announce a new clinical study with OUR machine. And it has been published in the SPANISH JOURNAL OF OZONE THERAPY!!

About two years ago we were able to get a PEMF office unit into Cuba. The MD, who headed the study, is a neurosurgeon (Dr. Vivian Borroto) and an official of the Ozone Society there.

Worldwide clinical studies done in Cuba are extremely highly regarded. Two studies were completed, one for knee pain, and one for low back pain, which is completed and awaiting publishing.

Study overview; 90 patients with knee pain “resistant to medical
treatment” with more than five years of having the diagnosis of
osteoarthritis of the knee and 60+ years of age was divided into three groups

A. NSAIDS (normal pain meds)
B. PEMF and ozone injections (the latest ozone therapy). C. PEMF 10 sessions each only 6 minutes

Groups B and C had NO “side-affects”, unlike group A, NSAIDS, which experienced gastrointestinal problems and elevated blood pressure.

“Study results for PEMF were found to decrease pain, stiffness and improve the quality of life in patients with knee osteoarthritis.”

Pain reduction

A. NSAIDS Pills had a 31% reduction B. PEMF and Ozone 69% reduction C. PEMF alone 55% reduction
Joint stiffness

A.NSAIDS 26% improvement
B. PEMF Ozone 85% improvement C. PEMF 56% improvement

The second PEMF study with our machine with 160 patients with lumbar pain PEMF had an 82% decrease in pain. The full study will be available when published.