MagnaWave: The Leader In Power

When making a new and significant purchase, it’s common practice to shop around to compare brands, models, features, and reviews to inform what is likely an important decision. Deciding to buy a PEMF machine should be no different. A frequent question when shopping for PEMF machines, however, is the comparison of MagnaWave machines and Bemer machines. Though there are many factors to consider, the primary question when comparing these two brands is, “what’s the difference?”

In a word, power. MagnaWave machines are high-power machines while Bemer machines are low-power machines.

There are several differences–upgraded and new machine models, practitioner exclusives, and educational programs among them–between MagnaWave and Bemer machines, however, the primary consideration for machines is the power difference. This power difference in the MagnaWave machines offers several treatment and cost-saving benefits that a prospective buyer should absolutely be aware of before making a purchase.

The Wave of the Future

The difference in the high-power MagnaWave machines and the low-power Bemer machines is not simply marketing hype. There are several key technological differences that contribute to the power contrast in the machines including the waveform of electromagnetic wave that each machine produces. Though Bemer has advertised their products as something “different” from PEMF, PEMF Machines, and the typical PEMF waveforms they would produce, the telling fact is the waveform that their product does, in fact, generate. The Bemer machine produces a sinusoidal waveform (a sine wave) common in low-power PEMF machines as opposed to the high-power sawtooth waveform pattern produced by the MagnaWave machines.

The difference in these waveforms has distinct benefits for treatments and the positive effects of PEMF. Medical studies show PEMF produces benefits for ion transport across cell membranes (energizing or charging the cell and the source of health benefits from PEMF), and the shape of the waveform has a distinct effect on this interaction. Though the Bemer machines produce a complex sinusoidal waveform, it is still a sinusoidal wave with slow rises and falls resulting in a less significant benefit for cellular interaction. In comparison, the high-power MagnaWave machines produce a sawtooth waveform with more pronounced rises and defining sharp descents increasing cellular interaction and increasing the benefits of PEMF therapies.

Notable Advantages MagnaWave Has Over Bemer



High-Power MagnaWave machines significantly reduce treatment times saving you time and money.



See faster, better, and longer-lasting results with the high-power MagnaWave machines capable of helping the source of problems.



MagnaWave attachments and adjustable power settings mean you can get the perfect personalized treatment.

High-Powered Results

MagnaWave Reduces Treatment Times

Because MagnaWave machines produce these high-power sawtooth waveforms, there are several treatment benefits as a result. One of the most significant benefits of using a high-power MagnaWave machine is the reduction of treatment times. What a low-power Bemer machine accomplishes in a three-hour session, a MagnaWave machine can accomplish in minutes. This reduction of treatment time using a high-power MagnaWave machine is great for those with busy schedules or prefer the convenient time-saving benefits over the low-power Bemer machines with much longer treatment time requirements.

Results That Are More Than Skin Deep

Another benefit of the high-power MagnaWave machines is the depth at which the treatment occurs compared to the Bemer machines. One of the primary health benefits of PEMF is improved circulatory function and the delivery of oxygen to red blood cells and tissue. However, there is a difference in the depth of the circulatory benefit and is divided into two categories: capillary blood flow and systemic circulation.

The low-power intensity of the Bemer machines means that the treatment depth is much shallower than the MagnaWave machines and, as such, the circulatory benefits provided by PEMF will require much longer sessions in order to provide treatment resulting in systemic circulation benefits. In contrast, the high-powered MagnaWave machines can provide these treatment benefits for capillary blood flow and systemic circulation with much shorter treatments times.

Personalize Your Treatment

Another convenient feature of the high-power MagnaWave machines includes the variability and adjustment of the power settings of the machine. There are some that claim that the higher power of the MagnaWave machines could have restrictions for usage with children, elderly, or small pets, however, this is not the case! Because the MagnaWave machines operate at a higher power than the low-power Bemer machines, this setting can be adjusted to a lower setting to provide maximum comfort for the patient receiving the PEMF including older generations, children, and small pets.

Because these settings can be adjusted, it allows for a more focused and efficient treatment using the variety of applicators without sacrificing performance. While low-power Bemer machines typically function with the use of a PEMF mat, the high-power MagnaWave machines have several different attachments that can work with a variety of applications as well as treat targeted areas of the body. For example, the high-power MagnaWave machine can use the butterfly coil attachment to help stiffness or joint pain in the knee by placing the coil on the desired area. In contrast, the low-power Bemer mat applicator cannot treat targeted areas with such effectiveness as a MagnaWave product.

Typically with variable power settings in technology, there come restrictions to its use. However, in the case of the high-power MagnaWave PEMF machines, there are absolutely no restrictions to its use that would differ from a low-power machine. Restrictions to the use of PEMF machines include implanted medical devices such as a pacemaker or shunts, however, high-power machines are no more restricted than low-power machines. So, it would stand then that the high-power MagnaWave machines are ultimately more versatile than Bemer in their power applications, treatment options and time, and do not have any inherent restrictions on their use that would differ from a low-power Bemer machine.

Unbeatable Value in Every Machine

Not only does the high-power MagnaWave product line beat the low-power Bemer products in versatility and convenience, but there are several value-added additions that come with the purchase of a MagnaWave machine:

  • Longer warranty — Enjoy a 10-year limited product warranty compared to a 3-year warranty from Bemer.
  • Made in the USA — See the superior craftsmanship and quality of a product designed and manufactured right here in the USA.
  • Education and Support — MagnaWave offers full training for their products for the use with humans and small animals. Get the most out of your PEMF sessions with hands-on training in contrast to Bemer’s impersonal instruction manual.
  • Regional Workshops, Conferences, and Seminars — See all that MagnaWave offers with our robust schedule of seminars, workshops, and conventions like Magnacon!

MagnaWave Machines Beat Bemer With The Best Value, Best Results, and Highest Power!

Cost is certainly an important (if not the most) factor when considering the purchase of a new product and PEMF machines are no different. Bemer has long advertised products that boast lower prices than competitors, however, MagnaWave is excited to announce the release of several new and updated machines that are comparable in price while offering all the health convenience and versatility of high-powered PEMF and the MagnaWave value-added benefits and packages.