Nobody wants to go to the barn and find their horse lame. And you don’t want your horse to be feeling discomfort either. While the reasons for lameness may vary, we’re going to look at hoof abscesses specifically and talk about using MagnaWave machines on horse hoof abscess. If you’re a long-time horse person, you may be a veteran at dealing with abscesses.

If you’re a long-time horse person you may be a veteran at dealing with abscesses. If you’re new to the horse game, well let’s do a quick run-down. An abscess is an accumulation of pus (which are simply dead white blood cells) that have formed a lump internally or externally on the horse’s body. An abscess occurs as a result of an infection. Abscesses can begin with a wound, a nail in the hoof, strangles, or penetration of the skin with a foreign object. The accumulated white blood cells become encapsulated as the body works to isolate the infection, in turn forming an abscess.


  • Pain due to pressure
  • Lameness
  • Secretion of pus
  • A firm lump that may be tender or hot
  • Slight swelling at the sight

A veterinarian can usually tell whether or not a wound is an abscess pretty quick, but after many years with horses, you can probably tell too. And you’ve probably been through all the standard treatment routines:

  • Keeping the area clean
  • Using poultices
  • Antibiotics
  • Trimming the hoof


Managing a horse’s hoof abscess with MagnaWave may help expedite the recovery process. Once the pus is released and the pressure relieved, the wound usually heals, and the pain goes with it. We can help the process along with MagnaWave. MagnaWave essentially stimulates good oxygenation, better blood flow to the body, and in turn, allows the body to heal itself. 

Managing a horse hoof abscess with PEMF is non-invasive, requires no downtime, is free of chemicals, and has no side effects. You can use any MagnaWave machine, though we recommend using one that works with the MagnaWave Zoom Hoof Box and MagnaWave Zoom Paddle attachments. The MagnaWave Zoom Paddle slides into the MagnaWave Zoom Hoof Box. The box can hold any size horse from foal to a massive warmblood.

PEMF delivered through the MagnaWave Zoom Hoof Box and MagnaWave Zoom Paddle attachments is very effective for navicular, quarter cracks, general foot issues, and abscesses. The horse is in no discomfort during the session and we recommend a session anywhere from six to fifteen minutes in length. Some abscesses may pull in as little as one to three appointments, getting your horse on the road to recovery, fast.

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