Using MagnaWave for Mastitis

MagnaWave can reduce pain and inflammation in livestock caused by mastitis. MagnaWave works at the cellular level to improve oxygenation and blood circulation which promotes a healthy body. When the cells are healthy, the body is able to help deal with issues, such as mastitis, quickly and effectively. Try using MagnaWave to help your livestock recover from mastitis today!

What is Mastitis?

Mastitis is inflammation of the mammary gland. It is an infection predominantly due to bacterial pathogens and can be found in a majority of mammalian species including cattle, sheep, goats, and horses. In order to keep livestock at optimal health, it is important to make sure the mammary glands remain open for milk production.

The bacterial pathogens create inflammation and decrease the functional capacity of the mammary gland. Most cases result in local inflammation, redness, and pain. The effects of mastitis can change the quality and safety of the milk produced. More serious cases can lead to agalactia (failure to produce milk) and even profound systemic involvement which can lead to death. If you think your animal may have mastitis, consult with your veterinarian to determine the best plan.

How MagnaWave can Help

MagnaWave uses pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology to bring circulation and oxygenation to the area of concern. Working on a cellular level, PEMF can make the cellular membranes more permeable and create a healthy environment for cells to prosper. PEMF can help reduce the inflammation surrounding the infected gland and decrease the pain.

“2nd Jersey Cow with bad mastitis in 1 quarter (this is her second treatment) and she went from a rock hard bag that we could get nothing out of, to today and the bag was semi-soft, and could milk a stream of milk from. Kind of amazing!”

Becky Rus

Not only can mastitis have a negative impact on milk production, it can affect the well-being of your animal and the offspring. The pain and inflammation can cause discomfort to the parent but can also affect the offspring by not obtaining enough milk. MagnaWave works at the cellular level to reduce pain and inflammation to help your livestock feel their best. Use MagnaWave to provide relief from mastitis for your livestock animals!

With mastitis or any other infection, make sure to consult with your veterinarian to provide the best plan for your animals.

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