HydroWave Concentrate



Normal Dosage: Mix 4oz of Hydro Wave per gallon of purified water. Drink 4oz of the mixture twice daily. Add as directed to a nebulizer, and similar devices. Disclaimer: FDA has not approved Hydro Wave to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.

That day is today!

Yes, that day has arrived. The product already exists wherein “Nano-Warriors” perform a search and destroy mission within our bodies. The killer Nano-Warriors cells not only rout out cancer cells, but all pathogenic material in the cellular neighborhoods of the toxic materials. The product that delivers this promise is called Hydro Wave.


This solution derives from two paradigm-shifting scientific/medical discoveries: the first comes from the understanding of specific properties of minute particles of silver that make it an ideal delivery system for carrying oxygen to pathogenic cells; the second arises from Otto Warburg’s discovery in the 1930s that cancer cells thrive in oxygen-deficient environments. Fortunately for us, in the 1950s a group of scientists married these two discoveries together and created a liquid product, originally called Oxy-Silver Solution. The solution consisted of a specifically formulated water that, to this day, is unique and unrivaled in its therapeutic power for reversing many afflictions and illnesses.

The key to Hydro Wave water is that oxygen molecules are bonded to the silver core, and through the use of the silver nuclei, the oxygen is delivered, past the cell membrane, into the heart of the cell. Hydro Wave water is a direct cellular infusion oxygen delivery system. It has the ability to specifically rout out pathogenic cells, and then, one-by-one, destroy them, while adding oxygen to hypoxic cells to promote improved cellular health.

The clusters of the silver/oxygen molecules have the ability to precisely hunt down and destroy all pathogenic cells. Their “mission” to kill is so precise that it is as though pathogenic expert “snipers” were released into the bloodstream, and through basic principles of physics (as we will soon see), they never miss their target. Once the nano-bots have found their target, the cluster gives up its oxygen. This happens so quickly—within nano-seconds—that the pathogens have no opportunity to mutate in their attempts to avoid the killer-oxygen-clusters (as they do typically with chemotherapy and antibiotics). Rather than accumulating, the Hydro Wave water nano-clusters leave the body entirely within a day or two. But, for all the time that the clusters remain present in the body, they go into every nook and cranny, all of the blood, all of the capillaries and vessels—in fact, every place in the body where a pathogen may be living or lurking. The oxygen molecules are bonded to the silver nucleus via a patented process that is both complex and difficult to achieve.

Hydro Wave water is a true nano-molecular therapeutical. Read on to learn the mechanism of how this happens. The combining of water and oxygen, as a therapeutic intervention, seems intuitively right as a method of introducing natural medicine to the body.

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