Class 1 Homework


  1. Name is researched and chosen
  2. Business type (sole prop/LLC) is picked and filed for tax purposes
  3. Business bank account has been created


  1. Written form of elevator pitch to be graded. Make sure for you include both your “Why” and “What.” Your pitch should be about 20-30 seconds long, which is typically between 75-85 words. Include your business name, type, and logo if you have that ready. Please submit your pitch in a word, pdf, or notes document.

You will receive feedback in about 2 business days!

Elevator Pitch Tricks

Q: Why are elevator pitches so good?

A: They work on many levels!

4 Parts of an Elevator Pitch:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you offer
  3. What you serve
  4. Why is it important

Complete the homework below: