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Welcome to the MagnaWave Certified Practitioner Newsletter – September 2022 Edition!

Hello again, Practitioners! Fall is quickly approaching, and we are SO ready for it! This month we’re discussing what’s going on with the Association of PEMF Professionals (AOPP), how much MagnaCon swag is still available, modalities you can add to your business to set you apart, and some updates to the Practitioner Map. Read on to find out more!


Save Your Map Listing Information!

Preview of new Map

We have some exciting news- the Practitioner Map is getting a facelift! Above is a sneak peek of what it’s going to look like. While we are going through the process of updating it, we ask that you be patient with us, as we are not currently able to add new practitioners to the map. And if you already have a map listing, be sure to save your information as it will not make it through the transfer process! If you have any questions about the new map, email us at [email protected]


Important Update From the AOPP


As many of you may already know, the state of Ohio has been in the process of placing restrictions upon the use of holistic wellness modalities. These new rules are outlined in the Ohio Administrative Code 901-19-13 and outlaw the use of PEMF at any county or state fair, or any other regulated livestock exhibition. You can read more about the rules here.

The Association of PEMF Professionals (AOPP) is working hard to protect the PEMF industry and its practitioners. As issues like this arise, it is important that we unite to protect the continued use of this modality. Even if you are not located in Ohio, we encourage you to reach out to the state’s Department of Agriculture Director to reconsider this decision.

Clicking the image above will redirect you to a downloadable PDF email template. You are free to copy and paste this exact email and send to Cindy Bodie at [email protected].


Get Your Swag Before It’s Gone!

MW T shirts

Hurry while there are still some items left! MagnaCon Swag is quickly flying out the door. Enjoy free shipping and 10% off when you sign up for MagnaWave text alerts. T-shirts, backpacks, hats, water bottles, jackets, and more are available at the button below. Sizes and quantities vary, so go get yours now!


Are You Attending Any Shows This Fall?

Livestock Practitioners- if you have any shows coming up, let us know! We are collecting a list of practitioners attending livestock shows, so email us at [email protected] and tell us where you’re going to be!

Cow with wave wings

Add the Brain Tap to Your Business!

BrainTap headset

Thinking about adding another modality to your toolbox, but not sure where to start? Look no further! Help yourself and your clients sleep better, think better, and perform better with the BrainTap! The BrainTap headset uses unique frequencies of light and sound to boost brain fitness, reduce stress, and restore the brain’s natural balance, leaving you and your clients feeling rejuvenated and energized. To purchase or learn more, click the button below! You must be logged into the Practitioner Portal to view.

Purchase The BrainTap Here


September Practitioner Spotlight – Heidi Baynes!

” I live on our families 400 acre farm with my husband Nate and our three teenagers, Maddy, Sam and

Josie. We enjoy showing livestock on a national level year round.I had been familiar with PEMF/MagnaWave for many years since I grew up showing horses. More than two years ago I began the process of researching PEMF and the benefits that it could bring to the Show Livestock world. Structure and movement are two critical pieces in being successful in the ring. Knowing the benefits that MagnaWave could provide in each stage of showing our own livestock, I knew I wanted to be able to provide this service for not only my family and our livestock but also offer it to other show families like my own.”


“Along the way with the research that we did, my husband, who works in Orthopedics, also quickly discovered all of the benefits for human clients! So, while initially my focus was on livestock my practice includes equine, humans, small pets, and livestock. My favor

ite part of my job is the opportunity to work with great families and kids that share the same passion as my family. I love working at shows or in private barns helping livestock (or owners!) recover from an injury or simply help them perform to their very best!”

“I also love the fact that my business allows for me to work alongside my three teenage kids. The least favorite part of my job is the advertising/promoting side of things! I have been very fortunate to have been very successful in my first year of business thanks in part to word of mouth and recommendations from clients.”

“My plans and goals for the next few years of my business are to continue building good relationships with clients and breeders while sharing what PEMF can do for someone not only in their barn but for them personally. I am very excited about sharing what Magnawave can bring to breeders, their breeding programs, and routines.”