DR. MARTY GOLDSTEIN, #1 BEST-SELLING AUTHOR: The Spirit of Animal Healing: An Integrative Medicine Guide to a Higher State of Well-being

The Spirit of Animal Healing is the follow up to Dr. Marty Goldstein’s bestselling book on holistic veterinary medicine, The Nature of Animal Healing.

It is chock full of the latest integrative medical knowledge (which combines conventional therapies with complementary and alternative medicine). Coupled with the vast amount of specialized expertise and learning, Dr. Marty has gained from his own practice over the past 45 years, the book takes readers on a journey to the leading edge of integrative veterinary understanding to achieve greater insight into the minds and bodies of their animal companions.

However, this book is not simply a new edition of Dr. Marty’s first book with some refreshed content. It is a completely new book in which Dr. Marty turns the traditional approach to animal care upside down. The Spirit of Animal Healing provides readers with the most up to-date tools and knowledge they need to keep their dogs and cats healthy and prevent disease from occurring in the first place, instead of just treating their animal companions when they are sick.

Dr. Marty is a world-renowned veterinarian who has helped pets of all kind with integrative medicine. He uses a holistic approach to help animals who are dealing with diseases and part of that method is using MagnaWave! Dr. Marty uses MagnaWave in his practice to relieve pain, inflammation, and to improve the overall wellness of his animal clients. He has been working with MagnaWave for several years to improve the lives of pets around the country. When asked about MagnaWave, Dr. Marty said, “After having a career in alternative therapies for over 40 years as a clinical veterinarian, I didn’t think I would stumble upon something that would change my entire concept of medicine. And then this MagnaWave PEMF device came along. And it was like could it be this simple, could it be this effective.

Topics covered include:

  • Nutrition and supplements
  • Integrative remedies and harmful treatments
  • Cutting edge therapies
  • The truth about vaccinations
  • The latest in cancer treatments
  • The spiritual nature of animals
  • True, mind-blowing cases from over the years
  • And much more!