The gastrointestinal tract has a delicate balance and equilibrium. When the balance is disrupted, gut problems can arise such as ulcers and colitis causing discomfort in the pigs. MagnaWave can help maintain a healthy gut balance but creating an environment for cells and microorganisms to prosper. Not only can PEMF help the inflammation in the intestines, it can also help with the metabolization and utilization of feed and supplements to keep your pig eating well! 

Maintain your Pigs Health with MagnaWave

MagnaWave works at the cellular level to improve the condition of the cells and enhance blood flow in order to aim to reduce pain and inflammation while also maintaining overall health and wellness. Many pigs often experience stress, which can upset the gastrointestinal system. A change in environment or feed can cause stress in the pig, therefore disrupting the balance of the gut. MagnaWave for pigs can help keep them calm and relaxed, which can improve their food consumption and mobility. For swine, the goal is to have them gain weight very quickly in order to prepare them for market, or to keep them at the top of their weight division in a show. When a pig’s gut is off balance and uncomfortable, they may not consume food for a few days, and as a result, will not gain weight as they should. You can use PEMF to help reduce the inflammation in your pig’s gut and get your pig back to normal!

Improve Mobility with MagnaWave

Not only do gastrointestinal problems impact consumption of feed, they can also impact movement and posture. In a show setting, the pig needs to grab the ground and have good extension. When a pig has pain or inflammation in the gut, it tends to be more “sucked up” and will not reach with its front legs. PEMF can reduce the inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, which can improve their posture and gait. 

Use MagnaWave to Help Your Pigs Gut Health!

With ulcers, colitis, or other gut problems, inflammation is almost always present. The gut has a high acid concentrate, and when disrupted can impact the rest of the body. The environment is specific for microbes and bacteria to digest and utilize the feed to use for growth and energy. When the delicate balance is disrupted, the gut cannot function as efficiently. Use MagnaWave to help maintain gastrointestinal health by reducing inflammation! Keep your pig on feed and utilize the energy for growth and prosperity. If you believe your pig has gut issues, always make sure to consult with your veterinarian and determine the best plan for your pig!

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