If anyone has had experience with goats, they are clever animals with a knack for trouble. Not only are they extremely helpful in eating weeds (and the whole garden if you let them) they make wonderful show animals!

Use MagnaWave to reach your goat’s full potential in the show ring! A change in environment can cause stress in your animal from anxiety to gastrointestinal problems. New stimulus can be overwhelming for certain animals. Using MagnaWave can help your goat feel at ease by increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation in the body to help adjust to the new environment. 

Improving Health and Wellness

In the show ring, goats are judged on degree of muscling, soundness, balance, and freshness. These components work together to create an overall appeal. MagnaWave uses PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology to stimulate down to a cellular level to create a healthy environment for the body to maintain wellness. Not only can PEMF create a thriving environment for cells, it is the base for the whole body!  

MagnaWave can also help with pain and inflammation hindering the goat’s body. Where there is pain or inflammation, it can affect movement. Even if it looks like a single area is sore, there can be other parts of the body experiencing soreness.  MagnaWave increases circulation and oxygenation to the whole body to keep inflammation at a minimum. When having a show animal, it is essential to keep your animals feeling and moving their best!

Even though goats are hardy and spunky animals, they deserve the love and attention to feel their best! By using MagnaWave, you can bring out the best for your goats whether they are at home pets or show animals. Make sure to contact a MagnaWave specialist to determine how MagnaWave can help your goats! While MagnaWave can help aid in soundness, it is always recommended to have a vet involved to determine the best plan for your animal.

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