In light of the allegations against Kentucky Derby Winner Medina Spirit, MagnaWave was able to speak with Wave 3 about PEMF! Many racehorse trainers use PEMF to alleviate pain and inflammation in equine athletes, naturally helping horses stay at the top of their game without harmful drugs! PEMF has been used for decades on racehorses, including several Kentucky Derby contenders. MagnaWave can be used before or after a race to help horses train at their best, compete to the fullest, and bounce back from injury or work as quickly as possible. MagnaWave is safe to use and does not require sedation. As more people become aware of PEMF, we hope that MagnaWave will be implemented at more barns and stables to avoid the use of harmful drugs that could disqualify horses from events. MagnaWave is Kentucky’s leader in Equine Wellness, get PEMF for your racehorses today!