Written by Tammy Kimmel Certified MagnaWave Practitioner of True Stride Therapy, LLC

MagnaWave Practitioner Tammy Kimmel said that MagnaWave has been helping her daughter’s show pigs for the last four years. “Helping these animals feel comfortable and move their best without the use of drugs is ideal. I am such a believer, and that is why I later became a practitioner myself.” All high powered PEMF machines can be used on your show pigs to reduce pain and inflammation. MagnaWave machines are portable and easy to use so you can take them anywhere your show pig competes!

MagnaWave has been around for many years in the pet and equine industry, but it has also been discovered to be very beneficial to the Livestock Industry! There are a number of advantages MagnaWave can provide for your livestock. MagnaWave uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) to help maintain soundness, revamp mobility, alleviate sore muscles, improve mood, and so much more!

Show pigs especially benefit from MagnaWave sessions. Pigs are required to grow at an extremely fast rate, around 7-10 pounds a week over a 6-month period. Due to this, pigs can often have muscle soreness, which effects their mobility. Pig owners expect them to move effortlessly and have the endurance of an athlete. That is where MagnaWave comes into play so perfectly.  It helps to relieve inflammation from the pig’s training, exercise, or the long trailer rides to stock shows across the country.  

MagnaWave can be used roughly 24-48 hours prior to the event for optimal results, then another session again on show day. Quite a few pigs appear much more relaxed and sometimes lay down to nap during a session. PEMF can also ease some of the anxiety and stress in the more nervous pigs. Stress plays a huge factor on a pig’s behavior and mobility. Using MagnaWave can help manage that stress to keep them moving with ease.

During a session, we recommend doing a full-body examination to find any areas of soreness and inflammation. Muscle movement is normal during a PEMF session. This happens when the signal is not able to travel directly through, but hits a blockage, which is usually inflammation, lactic acid, sore muscles, etc. The main goal when you are using a machine is to make sure the pig is comfortable. As long as the pig is calm and comfortable, you can use MagnaWave for improved health!

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